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The sizzling hot deluxe is a 5-reels and five pay-lines slot machine just like the classic version. Now, the team of reviewers from our portal found out that the major point of this game is that it brings the best of two worlds together. It comes with the features of the traditional classic slots that are designed to be very simple. But it mixes this with huge payouts and other characters of the modern day machines. Of course, it tried to bring in qualities of the land-based version where it is one of the most popular slot games in the online and modern version. So, if you loved and still love the classic slot ambiance, features, and gameplay, but will want to experience this in a modern online machine, this is your best bet.

According to our testers, this came as an improved, updated, and a bit innovated version of the very popular original, which is the sizzling hot slot. This is coming from the stable of the Novomatic game software developers. They tried to bring the very simple and common gameplay of the brick and mortar to players in the comfort of their home through this game.

This deluxe version of sizzling slot also has a jackpot prize of 5000. The enhancements carried out on the sizzling hot deluxe did not change the non-bonus feature of the sizzling hot classic. It only added some crazy features. They include the increase in the size of the buttons for easy online playing. This remains a very fast paced and simple machine and jingles are very catchy and classic.

When it comes to the sizzling hot deluxe interface, you will enjoy a multi-language feature, an equal number of active lines, an adjustable amount of bets per line and same spin and stop button. The game could be made faster by double-clicking. There is an information section on the dashboard, and it has a direct play option without any downloads. All these are found in the classic or original sizzling hot slot. So, they are more of the same.

Being launched on 13th November 2007, after the classic was launched in 2003, the sizzling hot deluxe slot could be enjoyed in some of the biggest casinos around. There is no bonus game, no progressive jackpot, no wild symbol, no multiplier and no free spins.

There are many games under this series. It includes the classic, deluxe and others. Meanwhile, apart from the bet rage size, and the outlook and button size, there are not many differences between these versions. The versions are:

  • • Sizzling Hot Deluxe - 13 November 2007
  • • Sizzling Hot 7 - 10 February 2010
  • • Sizzling 8 - 8 September 2010
  • • Sizzling Hot Deluxe (another repository) - 29 April 2013
  • • Sizzling Hot Quattro - 29 April 2013
  • • Sizzling6 Slot - 30 August 2015

how to play sizzling hot deluxe slot

The major reasons why the sizzling hot deluxe slot game and others in the series became hits and have continued to break records online are because of its design. The best selling point is the simplicity. It brings a simple traditional game outlook into the online thing. Many people want to enjoy very simple games. When these are offered online with huge pays, they will always love them.

For the sizzling hot deluxe version itself, people love it because of the fact that it comes with some features that make it even easier to play online. The size and placement of buttons and its interface make for more user-friendliness. The mix of the look and feel of this three reel machine with a five reel machine speed, sound, and graphics, would not be easy for gamers to ignore. Several major design details of two phases were blended into one here. The jackpot is also part of some reasons people love this.

Additional Info
  • • Launch: 2013
  • • Software: Novomatic
  • • Slot type: Video
  • • Reels: 5
  • • Min. bet: 0.4£ per line
  • • Max. bet: 100£ per line
  • • Payout %: 95%
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Another reason is the fact that both tom, dick and harry can play this game. It is completely friendly to every budget due to the very low minimum bet and the very high maximum bet. It does not limit any category of a bettor. So, both the very poor and the very rich can enjoy the sizzling hot deluxe slot.


1. Information about Bonuses, Special Available Options and Offers, Benefits & Features of Sizzling Hot Deluxe Slot and Sizzling Hot Slot

Now, as much as the sizzling hot deluxe slot is seen as a different version of games in this series, the difference between it and the classic version is very limited. When it comes to bonuses, nothing changes. The deluxe sizzling hot machine comes with no exact bonuses like the former. There are no free spins and no wild symbols too. The jackpot pays a maximum of 5,000 credits and it is non-progressive.

There is a scatter symbol which can pay you when some combinations are hit. The sizzling hot deluxe machine also comes with a gamble feature. This will give you a chance to double or lose your winnings. This is done by allowing you to predict the color of face-down cards. Get this and get a double of what you have won in the sizzling hot deluxe online. Fail it and lose what you’ve won in the sizzling hot deluxe. All these are found in the classic version too.

winning in sizzling hot deluxe slot

The biggest difference between the sizzling hot deluxe and the sizzling hot classic is that the deluxe version comes with bigger layout and buttons. So, paying online on it is more convenient.

2. How to Play the Sizzling Hot Deluxe Casino Slot

Players are attracted to the sizzling hot deluxe slot because of simplicity level incorporated in it. This game comes with traditional fruit symbols, coupled with classic letters of old and then the number seven which is a trademark of ancient slot machines. This is mixed with some modern catchy features.

The game could be played directly from your device or by downloading the special sizzling hot deluxe app. Here, you can bet with 8 - 2000 credits in the real money slots version. This is actually one of those areas where it differs from the classic version which accepts 5 to 1000 credits.

The main screen here has fifteen symbols. Winning combinations involve symbols appearing on five active lines, and this must be on a left to right line. So, when you hit up to five similar symbols close to each other on an active line, you land a winning in sizzling hot deluxe.

The highest winning, which is a jackpot, is paid when you land five 7s in the game. There is a scatter symbol represented by the star icon. When you land four of it, you win 10X multiplier, while five of it gives you a 50X multiplier in sizzling hot deluxe.

When you want to play the game, select your desired bet, between 8 and 2000 credits on each line, and click on the spin button. When you click twice, the speed increases. You can also cash your winnings after a lucky spin with the same button.

3. Playing the Two Sizzling Hot Variants on Mobile

There is also a mobile version of the sizzling hot deluxe online, just like in the classic. The app version was developed by Novomatic too. It could be downloaded on your device and played on. It supports the Android, iOS and Windows devices, and there is no difference between this app and that of the classic version. You can also play directly online with your mobile device too.

4. Where Is It Possible To Play These Sizzling Slot Games

The sizzling hot deluxe machine and the classic version can be enjoyed in many casinos. They include some big and small names because the game is very popular and on a high demand. You can enjoy it at the Stan James Casino, Energy, Quasar, William Hill and many others. From what our team of reviewers gathered, these games are offered the same way and manner in different casino websites. The only difference you may encounter will be on the different promotions offered by the casinos with which you can enjoy the games. Every other thing is the same.

5. Seriousness, Security and Payment Options - Any Difference Between The sizzling hot Games

There are no differences between the security system, seriousness and payment options for sizzling hot and sizzling hot deluxe machines. However, when you play games in different casinos, you have to know that each website has its own security protocol, payment methods, and other things. These may be entirely different from what is obtainable in others. So, this may be specific reasons for any difference. But if you are playing two games on the same platform, they use completely the same security, level of seriousness and payment methods.

6. Sizzling Hot Deluxe Game History

The history of the sizzling hot group of games that gave birth to the sizzling hot deluxe can be traced back to the inception of slot games. In 1940, the manager of the Flamingo Hotel in Nevada designated the free version of this game to the wives of the high rollers to cure their boredom. That was how sizzling hot slot free play came to be born. But it was in California in 1985 that an auto mechanic designed the first real money machine and named it the Liberty Bell. But he had to go into partnership with a toy firm to mass produce and market this. This led to the release of the Admiral Sizzling Hot in March 2003, and the Sizzling Hot Deluxe on 13 November 2007.

7. Sizzling Hot Deluxe FAQ

What is the difference between the sizzling hot deluxe slot and the classic version?

The major difference between these two sizzling hot variants mostly lies in their design, and not features. While the classic version is more traditional and reserved, the sizzling hot deluxe comes with bigger buttons and outlay, and with this, gameplay is easier. Again when it comes to bets, the classic has a range of 5 - 2000 credits, while the deluxe version has 8-2000 credits.

Can I play the two games from my account?

Of course, those two machine variants can be enjoyed on the same account since they are different games.

What is the similarity between these two games?

The similarities are numerous because they are just the same games with little differences. So, they come with the same number of pay lines and reels, the same symbols and icons, and are from the same developer.

sizzling hot deluxe game history

8. Conclusion

Now, the conclusion is that the sizzling hot deluxe slot and others in the series serve as a model for the land-based slot games that were incorporated into the online version. They went ahead to make serious waves, and it is a motivation to others. So, it is recommended for anyone who wishes to enjoy simple games with the traditional feel, with features of the modern day games like huge payouts, jackpots, video viewing and others.


  • • It comes with a jackpot
  • • Very simple gameplay
  • • Buttons and layout are bigger and it makes gaming more convenient
  • • Great winning streak
  • • No registration required and download is not by force
  • • Unique setting
  • • Adjustable game speed
  • • Mobile supports the popular operating systems


  • • Bonuses are limited or not available

With all these, you should know that this game is good for you. Start playing sizzling hot deluxe slot machine game today.

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