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Dolphin’s Pearl Slot play online for free

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Dolphin’s Pearl has been around for quite a while and it belongs to the Novoline series of the publisher Novomatic. Recently, it received a major makeover, which has since been called as the Deluxe version, to improve aspects like the look and the feel of the game. However, Novomatic has not tried to fiddle with a winning combination since the aspects like the rules, symbols, and bonus features remain the same. Novomatic has just made one of the free dolphin games even better.

Dolphin games online often carry the risk of spoiling the reputation of the physical version. After all, this game has been amongst the popular dolphin slots in the world.

Additional Info
  • • Launch: 2008
  • • Software: Novomatic
  • • Slot type: Video
  • • Reels: 5
  • • Min. bet: 0.5 per line
  • • Max. bet: 1 per line
  • • Payout %: Unknown

Playing the Game of Dolphin’s Pearl

As a slot game with 5 reels, the Dolphin’s Pearl provides the chance to win big if the player comes up with a combination of special characters. It may be anything between oysters, pearls, lobsters, or seahorse. There is always a wild card in such dolphin games and it is the case with the Dolphin’s Pearl as well. In this game, the dolphin is the wildcard and occurrence of the symbol is sure to guarantee a big return. Slot symbols like K, J, A, Q, 10 and 9 need to be matched if the player does not get any special characters or wild cards.

If the player secures a win on one instance, he has the freedom to choose between doubling the returns are collecting the earnings. It is possible to double the returns by predicting the colour of the card, which is hidden. This special feature is given access only after a win. However, it has the potential to provide huge returns since there is a 50-50 probability of success. If the player manages to accurately predict the colour, he can multiply his returns by 5 times in such dolphin games for free.

Rules of Dolphin’s Pearl

The rules of the game would require the player to come up with three identical characters if he is to achieve a win. However, only two matches are required should there be an occurrence of special symbols like pearls and lobster. It is not necessary that these combinations need to be adhered in order to create a victory. The occurrence of the wild symbol – dolphin – is enough to bring about a win irrespective of the combination. Furthermore, the occurrence of three or more pearl symbols provides 15 free spins.

The secret to winning big at Dolphin's Pearl slot is to use all the bonuses to their max potential. The trick is to time them right to maximize their effectiveness.

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